3 Ways to Take a Break Without Leaving Work...

It's December and the heat is on as we head towards Christmas and the end of year.

Now is not the time to push yourself through blocks. During the 'silly season' backing off and taking a break is much more effective.

When you feel yourself flagging, get up from your desk and try one of these one minute exercises to free up your energy and creativity.
  1. Breathe – deeply and consciously.
    Breathe in for 6 seconds, and out for 6 seconds.
    Consciously relax from head to toe.
    Feel a wave of relaxation flow through you.
    Continue until you feel calm and clear.
  2. Put all your attention in the present moment – close your eyes. Feel both feet flat on the floor. Now focus on each sense in turn.
    What can you feel?
    What can you smell?
    What can you hear?
    What can you taste?
    Linger a little on each sense.
    Breathe and relax.
  3. Bend over as if going to touch your toes – just as far as is comfortable.
    Keep your knees soft.
    Hold for 3 – 5 deep slow breaths.
    Let your mind become still.
    Relax and let your body drop gently a little lower.
    Feel the stretch in your hamstrings.
    When you're done, bend your knees to protect your back and come up slowly.

Stay sane – and will talk to you again next month.


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