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When you know the way forward, life is good. Holistic life coach, Jasmine Sampson can help you deal with personal challenges by getting to their cause, helping you to change or remove those obstacles, and move forward with confidence!

Do you need a holistic life coach?

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Who is Jasmine Sampson?

Best-selling author, holistic life coach and creator of Growing Business with Soul™ , Jasmine Sampson draws on her own life journey and a deep understanding of how the universe works, to help you on a journey of self-discovery – to find your purpose and to be successful.

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What is holistic life coaching?

✓ It is grounded and practical

✓ It's how you can work better (not external business planning)

✓ Dealing with causes (not symptoms)

✓ Changing yourself (not trying to change others)

✓ Realising what you want to do (not what you should do)

✓ It's taking action to make lasting positive change (not talking about problems)

Growing Business with Soul: Practical Spirituality for the Busy Entrepreneur

Written by Jasmine Sampson, Growing Business with Soul is the book for you if you sense that more is possible for you, but you don't quite know how to achieve it.

Go on a journey of self-discovery in your own time, building a personal framework of meaning and spiritual practice around your needs as a business person.

Angela's story

"When I first started to work with Jasmine I was suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety and chronic lack of sleep. She enabled me to recognise and validate my feelings and gave me tools to find a way forward. After just four sessions, I am sleeping well and feeling happier than I have in several years."


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