Is spiritual life coaching for you?

Rate these statements using the following scale:

0 – Not true of me5 – Somewhat true of me 10 – Very true of me

1) I am so busy, there is no time for me

2) I have everything I thought I wanted, but I'm still not happy

3) It feels like I'm doing what other people want me to do, not what I want to do

4) The things that worked well for me in the past don't work so well any more

5) Things seem to be changing and I'm not sure what is going on

If you scored 7 or above on questions 1 – 3:

It's time to review what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

Here's a simple values self-assessment tool, which will help you take a snapshot of what you are currently spending time, money and energy on, and a deeper look at what you might really want.

If you scored 7 or above on questions 4 – 5:

Congratulations! You are in transition – which is exciting, and can also be scary.

The danger is that you will try to keep doing what you've always done, rather than allow yourself to evolve into the next part of your life.

The most important thing you can do right now is give yourself time to listen to your soul, process the changes that are happening and be responsive to your inner guidance. Regular meditation and journaling will be very helpful to you at this point.

Here's a 15-minute Guided Meditation MP3, plus a 'How to Journal Guide' for you to download.

If you're ready to learn more about spiritual life coaching…

You're welcome to call Jasmine for a complimentary consultation.


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