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to bring healing to ourselves and the world around us

Blessing Temple Meditations

The Blessing Temple was released to humanity in June 2020 under the oversight of Archangel Haniel and Lord Voosloo. It is made up of 3 interlocking pyramids,  comprised of

  • Pale Yellow Light of Ancient Wisdom & Harmony
  • Blue Diamond Light of Purity and Truth
  • Platinum Light of Expanded Awareness and Higher Perspective

Each pyramid brings it own distinctive energy and  together they create a 9-pointed star radiating gentle yet powerful  compassion, healing and transformation to assist humanity and Planet  Earth in this time of rapid change and shift in consciousness.

Blessing Temple meditations are guided visualisations which enable us to bring  ourselves  and/or  our concerns for the world  and other people into this transformative energy field. Invoking the Blessing Temple for a person or situation supports the manifestation of the Highest Good for all those involved. It is a gentle yet incredibly powerful practice which has exponential benefits for all those who use it.

"I find that all of the Blessing Temple meditations bring me a sense of  peacefulness - a feeling of being taken care off, and a feeling of encouragement to let go of old wounds. I return to the Blessing Temple meditations whenever I feel the need to be covered in a warm, loving, protective embrace" Leen Mercelis

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