Feeling stuck?

If you're feeling stuck, you need to address the causes of your challenges, not just the symptoms.

Jasmine will help you to gain clarity and focus, acceptance and wisdom. You'll achieve positive and lasting change.And, of course, you'll be so much more successful in every aspect of your life.

Lisa's story

"I found it increasingly difficult to communicate with this company, and felt backed into a corner, defensive, and frustrated.It had got to the stage where I refused to answer the phone or emails, and often felt angry and frustrated with having been contacted – and that is not how you do business.

After the first coaching session, I noticed a huge reduction in the animosity I felt. I was able to take a call and reply to emails without the deep level of frustration I had before. After the three sessions, I am happy to report that I now find the business relationship to have reached a level of good communication, and respect. Instead of feeling polarised we now appear to be on the same team.

Along with resolving the issue I originally went with, I now have a more stable and committed teamsupporting my role, which had been lacking previously."

Angela’s story

"When I first started to work with Jasmine I was suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety and chronic lack of sleep. She enabled me to recognise and validate my feelings and gave me tools to find a way forward. After just four sessions, I am sleeping well and feeling happier than I have in several years."

Michael's story

"After only two coaching sessions with Jasmine I found I was calmer, handling stress better, more confident and trusting myself more. Thank you, Jasmine."

Kath’s story

"I was on compulsory sick leave, constantly in tears, and wondering how on earth I could carry on working. A few short weeks later I am calm, confident and happy in my job once again. I can't believe how different I feel.Coaching with Jasmine has been a wonderful investment in myself and my health and happiness. I know that I will keep using the tools she taught me as I go forward. Thank you so much Jasmine."

Paul's story

"Jasmine can do remarkable things. I saw Jasmine at my lowest point. I was angry and miserable all the time. There was no rush or quick fix. I would highly recommend Jasmine to other men my age who are struggling with life.

I am not a quintessential man`s man but I can hold my own at the football club or on a worksite, Jasmine was able to make me feel comfortable as a man to express things that we might not always consider 'manly'.

There is a strength associated with working around Jasmine. I am not sure what happened but there were lessons that I have held onto and (these) have helped me make awesome decisions about my life. For me this was a gift that cannot be calculated by monies or time.

To summarise, Jasmine makes you the pilot of your own little magic carpet, you are in charge, for a while she is the co-pilot, then becomes a passenger, then an air traffic controller, then the friend waving you off at the airport ready for life's journey."


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