Know Your Picture First

What are your hobbies? Jigsaw puzzles are a favourite of mine. This is my latest and it's proving a real challenge. My usual strategy is to locate the pieces according to shape and pattern, but that wasn't working too well for this one.
So I decided to do it differently. I sat and studied the picture really closely, before I tried to assemble the pieces. This is working much better - and I realised it's a lesson that applies in business just as much as life.

Know your picture before you try to assemble the pieces! It's so obvious. 'Know what you're making before you act.' But in the rush and burly of life it is easy to forget. Well it is for me, anyway!

So before you take action in your business this week, stop and ask yourself 'What do I want to create? How does this activity fit into my bigger picture?'

Know your picture, before you try to assemble the pieces!

Have a great week - and remember, the world NEEDS you, and your gifts!



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