What To Put In Your To Do List

Last week I talked to you about the vital importance of constantly asking yourself, 'What do I want to feel?' and then doing more of the activities that already produce that feeling in you.
The reason for that is that we live in a conscious universe, which is constantly evolving and bringing life experiences that match our predominant emotions to us from the Quantum Field,

So if you are wanting to experience peace for example, you need to be doing more of the things that are already producing peace in you.This week's tip is about consciously and deliberately scheduling those activities as part of your To Do list.

Let's say it's peace you want more of, and you know there is a particular piece of music you love listening to which makes you feel peaceful. Or being outside makes you feel peaceful.

Make a list of peace-producing activities. choose 3, and then deliberately seed them into your calendar throughout the week. 5 minutes here – 10 minutes there. A few moments will make all the difference.

In Summary:

  1. What do you want to feel?
  2. What activities do you already do that produce that feeling in you?
  3. Schedule them consciously and deliberately into your business day as part of your To Do list
I'd love you to pop some comments into the box below. Have a fabulous week, and remember the world NEEDS you, and your gifts.



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