Is Chaos Your New Normal?

Are you finding that chaos seems to be the new 'normal' right now? That life is throwing you one more curve ball after another? That there is more on your 'To Do' list than you could finish in twice the amount of time? That you're having to paddle faster and faster, just to stay still?
That is my experience and it seems to be happening for just about everyone I talk to right now.

So this week I going to share with you a strategy that I am growing into, which is helping me manage times of chaos and continual demand.

The secret is what I call alignment with my soul. It's a state when my mind, my body and my greater intention are consciously all working together and going in the same direction, right here and now.

Being aligned is being grounded in the present moment, and fully immersed in what you are doing – right now. So it's like mindfulness – but I call it Mindfulness Plus

With alignment there is an extra component of being attuned and receptive to the greater wisdom and power that comes from the soul. It's bringing the state of connectedness and peaceful trust I experience during meditation, into the everyday work world.

So it's not only being focused into the present moment, it's allowing an energy greater than the human self to flow through you into what you are doing, and to guide you into what needs to be done, and when. It's taking inspired action, rather than action driven by anxiety.

It's staying tuned to what truly is the most important thing to do right now, which might be to take a rest, or spend time with your family, rather than driven by the demands of what you think 'ought to be done' . It's staying attuned to, and acting from, your 'inner knowing', rather than being driven by external demands.

I'll be talking in future weeks about some strategies I use to help me stay aligned. For this week, set the intention that you are choosing to live in alignment with your larger purpose and soul intention. Take notice of how it feels for you, and meditate regularly, because it is the foundation of this way of living.

If you're looking for a meditation, I have a 15 minute guided meditation that is designed for busy people, as part of my gift pack. You can claim your gift pack at this link, pop in your name and email and you will get instant access to that and some other goodies, including 2 chapters of my book, Growing Business With Soul.

Have an excellent week. What you do has a far greater impact than you can imagine.



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