Create Joy

Hello again!

This is part of a series of specific ways you can manage the state of constant demand and chaos that seems so common in modern life.
One of the very best ways is to create moments of joy, and the easiest way to do that is to immerse yourself fully in nature with all of your senses, one by one.

Start with what you can see. Because there is such a wealth of visual information coming to us all the time, choose one thing, one flower, one leaf, one tree. Take off all the labels you already have, that 'this is a tree', 'this is a flower', 'this is a rose' and really look. Imagine you are a child experiencing this aspect of creation for the very first time. Look at the shape. Look at the colour. Look at the lines. Look for variations in shades of colour. Immerse yourself in your sense of sight in a small and confined area.

Then take a deep breath, bring your attention into your body and relax down through your feet. Now turn your attention to your sense of hearing. What can you hear? Relax and spend several minutes just listening. Close your eyes and screen out all of the other sensory data. Focus fully on all the different sounds.

Now take another deep breath, and come back into your body, relax through your feet. Then turn your attention to your sense of touch. What can you feel? What does the air today feel like today? What information does your skin give you? If you can be barefoot you will get even greater benefit from this exercise. Feel your clothes. Feel the air. Feel the quality of nature at this moment. Immerse yourself in this little snapshot of your life.

Take another deep breath, and relax. What can you smell? I recorded the video in autumn and there was a faint lingering smell of smoke in the air from the autumn fires, the burning of garden rubbish yesterday. What can you smell.

Take another deep breath, close your eyes and experience this moment fully. Draw it in through all of your senses. Let yourself feel incredibly grateful: for your life; for the planet; for this moment, this snapshot of your life which you have expanded by immersing yourself fully through all of your senses.

Now go back to your work refreshed and invigorated.

Have a great week.

Remember, the world NEEDS you, and your gifts.



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