How To Earn Compound Interest On Your Time

Yesterday I was talking with one of my students about the benefits she has experienced from taking part in my Growing Business with Soul class.

She told me she is calmer and finds it easier to prioritise her tasks and stay focused, which means of course she is more productive.
But most importantly she is feeling a joy in her heart which she has not experienced for many years.

And the thing which has enabled her to make all these positive shifts and changes, is that she has built 15 minute's meditation into her daily schedule.

Now 15 minutes is just one 96th part of a day. It's not very long. But in terms of return on your time investment, it is one thing that earns you compound interest many, many times over: Research shows quite clearly that regular meditation benefits your health, your relationships, your productivity, and your creativity and resourcefulness.

And these benefits are cumulative, so that over time you will see an exponential increase in the benefit you receive.

Because meditation is such a powerful transformational skill, I am running a series on Meditation Benefits and How-to's over the next few weeks.

For now, if you have already have a meditation practice - congratulations! Keep doing it.

If you don't, go along to www.JasmineSampson.com/gift - pop in your name and email address and schedule 15 minutes a day into your calendar to do the Guided Meditation that comes as part of your gift package.

I'll be back next week to talk about how to choose a meditation chair.

Until then, have a great week and remember the world NEEDS you, and your gifts.



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