How To Meditate While Sitting On The Floor

Video Transcirpt

Jasmine: Hi there, I'm Jasmine Sampson, author of Growing Business with Soul.

This is part of a growing series of tips and techniques on meditation, and today we're having a look at things you need to be aware of if you're choosing to meditate sitting on the floor.

You don't have to sit on the floor, but if you do, my good friend Annemarie is very experienced with this, so I've asked her to demonstrate for us and give us some pointers.

So Annemarie, can you tell us how you're sitting now and quite what we should be looking for, please?

Annemarie: Well, this is a great position for beginners because it is a kneeling position, which doesn't require such flexibility, and the important point is that I'm sitting like a triangle, which gives a lovely solid, connected-to-the-earth feeling.

My knees are apart but my feet are touching behind the pillow and it helps you feel solid as a mountain.

Jasmine: I've noticed you've got your hands tucked into your top. Can you tell us a bit about why, please?

Annemarie: Yes. One position you can have your hands is by your navel, and I just find it supportive – so that I don't have to hold them there – that I'm using my top as sort of a cradle for my hands.

Jasmine: And, is there another position that people could choose for their hands?

Annemarie: Yes. The other common one is that your hands are on your knees, just like this: *demonstrating hands on knees technique*. That also is a very solid position.

Jasmine: And, can you tell us what you're sitting on? You're sitting on a cushion. Would a cushion off my couch do?

Annemarie: No, it wouldn't. They're just usually filled with foam and you kind of collapse and sink into them and it's very hard to have a nice, straight posture because you tend to slouch.

This cushion is filled with buckwheat husks. It's quite heavy and it's actually very firm so it supports you.

Jasmine: Where can people look for one of those? Is there just one size or what should they look for?

Annemarie: I've got a small one. It's actually meant for a child, but it's because I've got very short legs. *points to larger cushion on left side* This is the more normal size. This is my husband's one, who's got longer legs

There's another sort here that you can see. *points to even larger cushion on right side* It is a crescent-shaped one, which is wonderfully supportive to the legs.

I think you just Google "meditation cushions". There's lots of businesses that will send them to you. You can try and make your own, but unfortunately buckwheat husks are like liquid gold and are quite hard to get to fill with, so it's often easier to just order one online.

Jasmine: OK, and there's a bench option over here *points to left of where Annemarie is sitting*. Can you tell us a little bit about that please, Annemarie?

Annemarie: This is an excellent option for beginners because there's no chance of your feet getting pins and needles because your bottom is nicely supported away from your legs, and you sit in it the same way I'm doing, with your knees out in a triangle and your legs tucked behind.

You sit perched on the edge, like I'm doing on this cushion, too. It's really just supporting your tail bone, rather than you sitting properly on it on your bottom.

Jasmine: OK, so we've got options of a shaped cushion, a firm, round cushion in two different sizes at least, but they need to be good and solid and firm, filled with buckwheat husks and specially made meditation cushions, or a bench, and you can find those online.

The key thing is that triangle posture; that nice, solid, knees on the ground.

If you're sitting cross-legged and your knees aren't on the ground, you need cushions under them, something to support your hands and let that back be straight but relaxed and open.

Anything else, Annemarie?

Annemarie: Don't try too hard, just keep relaxed and alert are the words to look for.

Jasmine: Thank you very much, Annemarie, and I look forward to seeing you again next week.


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