How To Create A Meditation Space

Do you find it hard to settle to meditate? Having a specific space to use regularly is very helpful. This week we're talking about what you need in order to turn a corner of your home or office into a meditation space.
You don't need much and you don't need much room. You need your chair and something else that will mark the space as special for you. I have a salt lamp that has some health benefits and gives a lovely soft glow, and a beautiful silk painting. And when it's cold, I have a special shawl!

Here are some ideas to experiment with as you start creating your own space: a candle; an oil burner (choose one with a deep dish that won't dry out easily, and use the very best quality oil you can afford); a vase of flowers; an ornament; a photograph or a picture that is special for you. Choose something which brings you pleasure, something you find beautiful to distinguish this space for you.

I would encourage you to take the time and find the space to make a meditation area at home and/or at work, even if you use it in other ways at other times. It will help your practice a great deal to have a specific place to meditate regularly.

I also suggest you create your own ritual, such as lighting a candle, or puttig on your shawl, when you start your meditation. Over time, going to the same place and doing the same things will signal your body and your unconscious mind that you are about to meditate, and you will find that you begin to relax, even as you prepare.

Be prepared to experiment and adjust until you get the right combination for you. In the box below, please do give some ideas of what you've tried, and what is working for you, because it will help other people as they go about creating their own space.

Have a fabulous week. I look forward to seeing you next week and remember, the world NEEDS you and your gifts.


Silk Painting by Tanya H Stewart of Flight of the Butterfly Art


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