How To Use A Personal Journal

Keeping a personal journal beside you during meditation is an excellent habit to develop.

The notebook you choose for your journal can be as pretty as you wish, but it doesn't have to be. Mine is an ordinary, hard-back exercise book, and each year I buy several during the stationery sales at the beginning of the school year.

Your journal is a record of your inner life. At the end of your meditation time you could use it to make note of a particular image or mantra that you used; to record inspirational ideas that come to you during meditation, or perhaps of particular emotions or memories that you processed.

At the end of a day, it's a lovely thing to take five minutes before you go to bed, to look back through your day and make a record of anything in particular that stood out to you. Think particularly of those blessings that you were too busy and preoccupied to fully experience and enjoy at the time that they occurred.

For instance, you may recall a beautiful flower that caught your attention, or the way the light fell through the trees, or onto the angle of a building, or someone who smiled at you or someone you were particularly kind to, someone that you smiled at in the course of your day.

These are little moments of joy when we allow ourselves to experience them fully. Record them in your journal at the end of the day and re-live them as a way of deepening your appreciation of your life as it is right now.

Keeping a record of insights and blessings, even once or twice a week, creates your own sacred book: your own dialogue with your own soul.

So, I'd encourage you to have a journal – however simple, however ornate – and bring it with you to meditation, even if you only jot something down once or twice a week.

Over time, it is very valuable to look back at this record of the expanded awareness which comes to the surface when you make time to meditate. You will find that you are recording wisdom, inspiration, and ideas that are applicable to your life now, and which come from beyond the little human consciousness which we spend most of our time in.

It's a wonderful way of growing your awareness of the wisdom, love, and inspiration that is in you, waiting to come to the surface of your conscious mind.

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So, that's all for this week. Have a great one. I look forward to seeing you next Monday.


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