What Is A Good Meditation?

We're in the middle of a series about meditation, and today I want to talk to you about what makes a good meditation.

Quite simply, it's the one that you sit down and do.
The benefits of meditation are subtle, they're varied, they're cumulative and it really is not possible to judge the quality of your meditation by how you feel during it.

I remember some years ago, reading about some research in which meditators were wired up to some sort of gizmo which recorded their brain patterns during meditation. It was part of a series of research, so it wasn't just one time, it was over a period.

This particular day one woman came out and said "look, I was all over the place today, I was distracted, I was distant, I'm going to skew your results. Take my data out today." The person who was reading the brain patterns said "well, that is really interesting, because what the data shows is that you went into a very deep, trance-like state."

Her brain pattern went into a really deep, trance-like state, even though she had felt subjectively that she was not meditating well.

So, don't judge the quality of your meditation. It's very tempting to think that the great one is when we get some sort of insight or a particular vision or whatever it might be, but that's the icing on the cake. That is not the cake, that is not the nourishment. That's a bonus!

Meditate as an appointment with yourself: as an appointment with your soul; as a daily time to become centred; to reconnect with who you really are; as a helpful pattern. Do meditation for its own sake.

15 minutes a day will make a huge difference to your life. I know. My clients know.

Just do it. Don't judge it, just do it. A good meditation is the one that you sit down and do.

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Until next week – remember the world NEEDS you, and your gifts.



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