Protect Your Dream

This is the second in a series of 4 blogs about how to bring a new possibility into reality – how to manifest your dream.
Last week we talked about planting your dream and having patience while it begins to take root in the invisible realm. Step Two is to Protect Your Dream.

Some people say go out and tell others about your dream right away, so as to keep yourself accountable. Personally my advice is just the opposite – keep your dream private for now.

Dream manifestation is not something we do alone – it is something we do in partnership with the creative power of the universe and so we are wise to take note of what nature does when something new is on the way. Seeds, bulbs and babies all begin their growth in darkness and remain protected for some time before becoming visible to the outer world.

New dreams and intentions are very tender when first conceived, and may wither in the light of other people's doubt or criticism, or even their well-meaning anxiety on your behalf. Your intention needs time to mature, to develop and grow inside you before it is ready to greet the light of day.

In my pots of spring flowers the biggest bulbs, the tulips, are planted deepest and take longest to appear. In the same way, the bigger your dream, the greater the impact, the more significant the potential of the new reality that is wanting to be born through you, the longer the gestation period is likely to be.

Keep faith with yourself: be patient, nurture yourself and your dream by taking time to reflect and meditate, and allow the creative forces of the universe to work with you to bring this new reality into physical form. There will come a time when your 'baby' is ready to be shared with others – but not right now.

At this stage of dream manifesting you will gain great value from writing regularly in your journal. It is the place where you can freely share your excitement, and explore possibilities in detail. The more you make your dream an inward reality, the stronger it will be, and the faster it is likely to appear in the outward realm.
In particular put your energies into the feeling of the dream – what will life be like when this dream is reality? I will talk more about this in next week's blog Feed Your Dream

Do share this series with your friends, and have a great week.

The world NEEDS you, and your dreams!



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