Weed Your Dream

This is the last in series of 4 posts in which we've been talking about four steps to nurture a dream to reality.
  1. Planting your dream by choosing something new, then being patient and keeping faith with your dream while it begins to take root.
  2. Protecting it while it is growing, by keeping it private until it is strong and ready to be shared
  3. Feeding it by connecting often to the feeling of you are wanting to experience when this dream is fulfilled.
The final step is to Weed it – to take out those doubts, fears and negative emotions that would choke your dream before it has time to mature.
There are two steps that I would recommend for this part of the dream manifesting:

One is to process the negative emotions that come up. Doubt and fear are part of the human condition, and are inevitable while we're on this planet. They are normal, just as weeds in our garden are normal. However, just like weeds, if left to themselves they will multiply and grow and choke your dream while it is still a baby.
There are lots of ways to process and release negative emotions. If you'd like some help, email me and I can make some suggestions and give you some support.

And the other step is to use affirmations to reaffirm your intention of working in partnership with the universe to bring about a new reality.

When it comes to affirmations, one school of thought is to speak as if your dream is already fulfilled 'I am in a loving and fulfilling relationship' – if this works for you by all means do it. However many people find that their logical mind is saying 'you're still single with not a partner in sight', and this critical voice will undermine the benefit of the affirmations.

The way around this is to affirm that you are in the process of fulfilling your dream.

"I am in the process of attracting a loving and fulfilling relationship." "I am in the process of becoming financially free." Some of my favourite affirmations are 'Everything is working together for my good'. Another is 'I am always in the right place at the right time', and another is 'My deepest heart's desires are being fulfilled'.
Write down your favourite affirmations and repeat them every day, out loud if possible, as this will help retrain your subconscious mind with your new belief. And remember to tune into the feeling of what you are bringing about. (Step 3) Words and emotion together are a powerful manifesting combination.
This week I invite you to share a favourite affirmation in the comment box below to encourage and inspire other people.

Have a fantastic week.

I believe in you. The world needs you, and it NEEDS your dreams.

Stay tuned, and I'll be back again next week with a new series of practical tips for busy entrepreneurs.



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