Turning A Challenge Into A Strength

I was doing some gardening on Saturday and had an insight I thought I would share.
Below is a picture of a plant that I do want, right next to one that I don't want. (Don't know about you but this often happens in my garden!) I know from experience that if I get too committed to pulling out the plant I consider a weed, I take the one I want to keep with it, because their roots have become entwined.
It seems to me this is very like life. Often our greatest challenges become the roots of our greatest strengths. We can get so focused on getting rid of the challenge, and discouraged if it doesn't happen, that we miss the potential strength trying to grow out of it.

Part of turning a challenge into a strength is to process the emotions that are attached to it – not just the conscious ones, but the ones buried deep in your subconscious and unconscious minds. This is my area of expertise.

If you would like some help to turn a challenge into a strength, then contact me to book an initial conversation. (This service is free) I also offer personal mentoring by Skype or Zoom – so don't let distance hold you back from your personal breakthrough.

Have a great week – and remember the world NEEDS you and your gifts


PS When you talk with me mention you saw this blog and you will be eligible for an extra session free as part of any of my 3 month mentoring packages.


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