Bless the Waiting Time

Blessing While I Wait

I made a business call this morning that entailed a wait. I was put on hold while a 'customer service agent came available'.

Who knows how long that would be?

I was tempted to get on with another task while I waited - but know from experience that it doesn't feel good. I don't concentrate fully on what I'm doing and end up feeling rushed and unprepared when finally the call goes through.

So this morning I made another decision. I decided to practise mindfulness and used the wait time to bless.

I blessed the company whose service I use, the agent who would deal with me, my business and those I serve... I can't remember who else. It didn't matter because I was feeling at peace. My mind and body stayed calm because I was being mindful and in the moment. My call was soon answered and my request completed smoothly. It felt good.

I'm feeling good now too. I know I brought light instead of frustration to a little bit of human/technology/human interaction this morning, and that is a nice thought to take with me into the day.

It feels so good I thought I'd share it with you. Next time you have to wait - experiment with staying mindful and use the wait time to bless.

I believe in you



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