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Growing Business with Soul is a spiritual business book, written by Jasmine Sampson. Itwill teach you how to partner with the creative energy of the universe to maximise yourbusiness impact and create even greater levels of fulfilment.

Is this a book for you?

Jasmine writes: "Just as an acorn comes ready to become an oak tree, provided certainconditions are met, so there is in me, and in you, a potential waiting to be nurtured into being."

If you're ready to embrace your quantum potential, then this book is your 'how to' manual.

About the Author

Jasmine Sampson is a holistic (spiritual) life coach, based in New Zealand. Growing Business with Soul, an Amazon best-seller, is her first book.

In this spiritual business book, Jasmine brings together two interwoven strands of her lifeexperience and work - sharing with you the strategies and tools she has used to grow athriving business doing what she loves and what she is uniquely gifted to do. This book isabout helping you to do the same.

Book Review on Amazon

"If there were more than 5 stars, I would give them! I can't speak highly enough of this (book) … The shifts I have had from reading this and following the practical steps are starting to show up as new ideas, productivity and increased clients for me already and I only got it last month. I am surprised at the deep work the meditations are facilitating in me even though they are not very long in duration."


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